Ben & Jerry ride - July 17, 2005

My friends at Bike Washington get together for a group ride every once in a while. This time I organized a ride. We had seven participants, but only 6 at any one time. I was happy that all who RSVP'd turned up--next time I'll be more specific about where we meet so as to make it easier.

Participants were Geoffrey, Erika, Cathy, Tammara, Howard, Chris and Jonathan. The 14-15 mph pace was quicker than the other two Bike Washington rides I've been on, but it seemed to work out. The batteries in my own camera died right away and so Howard was the hero of the day for bringing a camera that actualy worked.

Group picture: Chris, Cathy, Jonathan, Howard, Erika, Geoffrey

Cathy. Cathy joined us at Gravelly Point and stayed for part of the ride.

Erika and Geoffrey. They knew most of the route and did a lot of leading (so I could sweep).

Chris. It turns out that Chris and I have a mutual mountain-biking friend (who is in the first picture on this page).

Jonathan (me). It was a casual ride and so I went light on the bike-geek gear, though the glasses are a bit of a giveaway.

Howard. Our helpful photographer. His appearance at the ride was a bit of a delurk--we're glad he came out.

Watching planes and goofing off.

Ice cream! On this ride we skipped the seafood and, after a bit of plane watching headed for the ice cream. Tammara, the one person we managed not to locate at the beginning of the ride (I thought we would find her with Cathy--my mistake), caught up with us at the ice cream shop.

We kicked around the idea of a ride around the Arlington Triangle for our next ride, perhaps with a finish at Tammara's for BBQ.

More ice cream.

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