Cherry Blossom Ride - April 1, 2006

My pal Geof organized the Bike Washington "Lost Cherry Blossom Ride" for 2006. This route visits the cherry trees near the tidal basin as well as a grove of trees near Bethesda. The weather was threatening at times, but it turned out to be a beautiful day.

The first stop was in West Potomac Park, near the Awakening statue. This is a shot of everyone on the ride, except me. Ride leader Geof is near the center, wearing a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon jersey. He was usually focused on leading the ride (like herding cats) so I didn't get any good shots of him.

Another group shot, taken by a helpful bystander. In the foreground are myself, Liz, Erika, and Tom. (Did I get those names right? I'm bad with names). Tom was fond of saying "mach schnell! mach schnell!" when it was time to get rolling. At mile 16, however, he decided he had mached enough schnell and sat out the rest of the ride.

Cherry blossoms in Maryland, near Bethesda. The blossoms were out in force and the locals were out for walks and picnics. Several lemonade stands were set up by enterprising children. I filled my water bottle at one of them. Erika (in red) and I took some pictures.

Cherry blossoms and bikers. Can someone please be kind enough to remind me of the names? The only ones I'm sure of are Mike (yellow), Erika (red), and Noel (blue). Mike is the leader of the Bike Washington club on the BikeJournal web site.

Pat, Joanna, Liz (I think).

Jonathan. (Yay! I got one of the names right!)

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