Canada tour - Day 2 - Bracebridge to Dwight

This was my first day riding with the "team"--Debi, Dave, Pat and myself. This was also on of hilly days ("undulating" according Suzie). Despite showing up at breakfast on time, lots of folks are there first and we failed to get that quick start.

It was a good 45-mile ride, despite some dirt sections that some, most, or all of us had to walk, depending. A brief section of the Trans Canada mountain-bike trail made for a lovely hike.

Lake with mist.

This is me on the Trans Canada trail (photo from Dave's camera).

Later, we stopped off by another lake for some team pictures (photo by either Harry or Sue from Philadelphia--I don't recall).

Harry and Sue.

Later--after a bum steer towards the closed Grumpy Bear restaurant (the bear is grumpy because no one feeds him until 4:30 pm)--we had sandwiches for lunch at the local coffee/deli/real estate place.

After finding our accommodations for the night at Pine Beach Resort, We had a nice swim in the lake and a silly round of "girls vs. boys" paddle boats. Most of us were tired of pedaling so we floated instead of pedaling the paddle boats. We decided to search for beer and/or ice cream (two chances to win!). This ended when someone came by with a beer, and so we enjoyed beer on the beach--a great way to end the ride.

Lynne (or is it Sandra?), Roger, Suzie (photo from Dave's camera). Every evening we had a group dinner with a brief meeting. Where Suzie gives out info on the next day's ride and Roger tries not to contradict her too much. Lynne and Sandra, the SAG wagon drivers, rarely hesitated to contradict Suzie. Neither did Suzie. We seemed to get to the end of the ride OK anyway and the occasional confusion just added to the sense of adventure.

Before turning in, we rearranged the cabins so Nick and Amy--a couple who had somehow failed to sign up for the tour as a couple--could sleep in Debi's cabin and Debi could sleep in the second room the cabin I was sharing with Dave. Nick was concerned about imposing on Debi. Amy was concerned that Nick was passing up an alone-together cabin. Amy won.

Debi and I decided we (the team) should be ready to go the next morning at 7 am, despite the fact that breakfast was scheduled for 7:30. The idea is to get a jump on the day, given that this will be an 83 miler. This led to a bit of negotiating with Pat and her cabin. Lisa and Nancy were laboring under the impression that people on vacation should sleep.

As it turned out, a whole gang of early birds were up and eating at 7, us right in there with them.

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