Georgia - August 1-6, 2005

The week of August 1, I drove down to Georgia to visit my sister Elizabeth and her three sons, Stephen, Teddy, and Chris. BTW, Elizabeth took a bunch of pictures also, so I'll likely update this page with her pictures sometime soon.

On Tuesday we visited the beach at St Simon Island. Chris and Teddy had a good time with various buckets and digging implements. Here Chris takes a nice safe dip in a bucket of seawater.

Teddy (left) and Chris (right) are generally fascinated with Stephen's toys, including his boogie board.

Teddy takes the board and heads for the waves. Since he's not completely insane--he likes to climb any and everything and sometimes falls on his head, so we wonder--he actually stopped before getting to the actual waves.

Stephen, Chris, Elizabeth, Teddy. Despite the lack of waves that is, in fact, the Atlantic Ocean in the background.

On Thursday we visited the splash park at Ft Stewart. Teddy had a great time...

... and Chris avoided the water and generally looked concerned.

Stephen had a good time.

On Friday we visited the local pizza-and-video-games joint. The twins played peek-a-boo with mom. You can tell it's getting late because Chris is displaying his "I'm thinking about causing trouble" smile.

Stephen was thinking about the video games instead of mugging for the camera, so Mom helps him wave.

Uncle Jon (me) tries to feed Ted who decides he'd rather be mugging for the camera than eating.

Chris is being playful, but he's still eating.

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Georgia Pictures / Jonathan Krall / revised August 2005