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Here are some pictures from December, 2004. Read all about them here.

At Saint Mary's Catherdral. I no longer do the Catholic thing, but I do appreciate a cool building.

This picture was taken by a passing stranger while the camera was accidentally set to "sepia". Oops!

A shot of Alcatraz in the haze.

Another passing stranger took this one of me on my approach to the bridge. Of the three passing strangers who took shots of me on this trip, this was the only one with a sense of composition. In other words, I am glad to have a shot where a prominent background element does not appear to be protruding from my head.

My "postcard shot" of the golden gate bridge. The brick structure in the lower left is a civil war-era fortress, which was intended to protect the bay. Further up hill (not shown) are some earthworks that were later built for the same purpose. Apparently after improved artillery made the traditional brick forts useless, they were forced to upgrade their technology from brick to dirt. I'm not sure what they are using now.

I took this shot on my last ride of the trip, from a hill overlooking China town (the highest point of that ride). In the distance, one can see what had apparently just been dubbed the "Emperor Norton Bridge" by the San Francisco city council. This was a bit of a controversy in the local papers, as Emperor Norton was once a local gadfly (OK, crazy person) who amused the people of San Francisco by issuing his own currency, along with various decrees. Lacking a crazy fake emperor of their own, the people of Oakland, who are joined to San Francisco by the Emperor Norton Bridge, were not amused.

At this point in the story, I left for home and so do not know how it turned out, but it was amusing (Hoteliers take note: USA Today bad, local paper good).

This trip wasn't all work and biking - some partying also ocurred. L-R: Chris, Sue, Leon, Barbara, Jonathan

Jenny, Leon, Barbara - the party people.

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