Vail 2005

This was a fun, crowded year with a sizable complement of adults (7) and children (5). As always, if you want a larger picture (these are small and compressed) or a print, send me an e-mail at or

As is common, the kids started out the first morning by throwing snow around. Here, Alana, Naomi and Kelsey are threatening the photographer.

Sarah, Simone and Alana passed the time with artistic endeavors.

Naomi, Teresa and Kelsey. I'm not quite sure what's up with the head gear.

This year we had a great sing-along. Dad and Laura came through by bringing guitars, Laura brought a bunch of songbooks, and Dad and Carolyn played and led the songs. This is always one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Alana, Simone and Kelsey pose for a photo.

Kelsey in action. On this particular day we had nine people skiing together for most of the morning (Alana, Simone, Kelsey, Teresa, Me, Laura, Brad, Diane, Dad).





The entire crowd after the traditional dinner at Vendettas.

The third and last day of skiing featured beautiful weather and excellent snow conditions. For most of the day, Carolyn (my sister) and I skied together - she is hard to keep up with. This is a shot of me looking out of breath and happy.

Carolyn was happy to be there. We did a lot of runs which we don't normally do, including a race course which we weren't really supposed to be on (oops).

The day was beautiful; this was on one of the last chair-lift rides of the day (we kept going until they closed the lifts).

We finished the day with some spiked coffee at Eagles Nest, followed by a long run down the mountain. We headed out past the "no access" sign, which indicated that the mountain was closed for the day, past the snow caterpillars, grooming the trails, past the ski patrol, who seemed not to mind our late final run, and finished with a smooth slide along the freshly-groomed lower slopes into Lionshead. A passing stranger took this shot. We were extremely pleased with ourselves.

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