Vail - February 16-20, 2006

Once again, I was off to Vail for skiing. My family does this every year and I quite enjoy it. This year we got in one birthday party (Happy Birthday Dad!), three days of skiing, some olympic-watching (snowboard cross!), a martial-arts exhibition and a singalong. I only got pictures of some of it.

Friday and Saturday were both great skiing days, with mild temperatures, fresh snow and lots of groomed runs. For me, groomed runs are less challenging but more fun. I spent much of the first day skiing with my brother Nick, who was snowboarding.

We celebrated the end of a great day of skiing with warm drinks at Eagles Nest before making the last run down the mountain. That's me (Jonathan) on the left, Nick on the right.

Saturday was all about skiing with my neices, Kelsey (above) and Alana. Every year they get harder to keep up with.

Saturday evening we went out for a fancy meal at Vendettas. This is Dad's favorite restaurant in Vail Village; it provides a pleasant counterpoint to an otherwise casual weekend. Left to right: Jonathan, Kelsey, Teresa, Alana, Laura, Dad (Grandpa to K and A), Diane, Brad and Nick.

Alana, Kelsey and Teresa. Sunday was a colder day, so we were only lightly more motivated than usual to take a relaxing lunch. For most of the day, Dad and Diane skiied with grandchildren Kelsey and Alana while the rest of us joined in or skiied elsewhere pretty much at random.

Me and my big sister Laura.

Kelsey entertained us with some martial arts.

And this is what it looks like with the flash turned on. It's hard to see here, but the plastic nunchakus[1] she's waving about have glowsticks in them.

[1]Pronounced num chucks, numquats or numb nuts, depending on how many beers you've had.

And once again, with a bit more light. Someday I'll be better at holding my camera still.

Alana takes a turn with nunchakus.

The great Sees massacre of ought-six. In a bid for the "most indulgent grandmother ever" award, Diane lets the children (and some of the adults, yours truly included) preview the chocolates before eating them. Most of the leftovers are fruit-flavored creams.

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